Using fiscal year with quarterly charts

I’m trying to create a quarterly earnings chart using fiscal years. However, when I turn on the fiscal year starting in April, the revenue chart (which is just a line graph) shows that today (Sept) we’re in Q3-23. I was hoping that by turning on the fiscal year setting, the graph quarters would similarly reflect the fiscal year. Am I missing something?



Hey @jdve, the fiscal year setting changes the date headers to match what they should be as per the Fiscal Year setting. So in the example of the snip below, I have a quarterly model starting in Q1 2022, but I have also enabled Fiscal Years and selected April as the start of that year. Therefore, Q1 2022 is actually Q4 2021 of my Fiscal Year and that’s what the first period is labelled in the spreadsheet. These dates will be the same ones shown in the Charts, so the Fiscal Year headings will be populated automatically. Does that help?

In my case, I’ve set the “granularity” to monthly, not quarterly. That means the headers are still months. Then, in the revenue chart, I set the granularity to quarterly. That’s where I’m confused, because the quarters don’t seem to line up. No matter what I set for the fiscal year in settings, the chart still shows today as being in Q3, even though it ought to match the fiscal year.

Here’s the revenue chart (notice that it’s Q3 '23, but it should be Q2 '23):


Hmm, could you please grant me support access to your account here and send me the url of the model and I will investigate.

Sure thing, here you go:

Thanks greatly!

This looks to be a bug so thanks for flagging! Will notify you once we have this resolved.

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