Have Year1 as the previous 12 months - no actual dates


Am fairly new to Causal and LOVING it. However… I’m just doing 5 year financial forecasts based on no particular start/end date range. As I’ve already built everything out using month 1,2,3 and have ‘relative dates’ on, it looks great but then all goes wrong when I do the visuals as Y1 just shows the 6 months (Now, July - Dec).

I’ve tried changing the start date back to Jan or forward to next Jan but that messes everything up.

Is there just a way to turn off the dates completely and just have month 1,2,3… ? Was all going so well until producing the visual charts/tables.

Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance.

Ben :grinning:

Hi @ben -

One way to fix this would be to turn on the Use fiscal years button in the time settings and set the start month to July. Let us know if that doesn’t answer your question!

Sorted! Easy as that, thank you.