Chart is calculating a wrong value

I am having a difficult time creating a graph that shows accurate Revenue data. Here is a loom video showing the steps I take to reproduce the error:

I expect to see a graph that shows around $16k total for Sept 2022. However, I see a line graph that shows over $350k for just a single category line item. So something is at least 20x wrong with the calculations.

How do I fix this?

Hey @Dustin_Overbeck

It looks like you’re comparing 2021 values in the table with 2022 values in the graph.

Somewhere in your underlying calculations there seems to be an exponential growth. You also see that the small preview chart in the “Value” column starts skyrocketing towards the end of your model timeframe.

Maybe your growth rate of 180% is going hard on the previous periods which your churn of 0,1% doesn’t compensate in the long run from taking off ?

HTH, Cheers Fabian

Hey @Dustin_Overbeck :slight_smile:

I think @FabianK is correct, it seems like you’re comparing 2021 values in the spreadsheet with 2022 values on the graph/visual.