Single or Multiple Models

I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the concept of models and how they’re supposed to be used…

I currently have a large data source (Xero) coming in from our accounting package. I’ve built managerial income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement reports along along with charts dissecting aspects of these reports. I’m having trouble making the cash flow statement check out so I’m considering building an indirect method cash flow statement to double check our currently built out (although not functioning) direct method cash flow statement.

The question I have is this: are we supposed to build this many “things” within one model or should each statement be its own model? It seems that the more complex this model is becoming the less responsive it also becomes. Thanks!

Hey @roca - separating the statements out into separate models is usually the way to go! This keeps things organized as well as helps with speed/performance. You can link the models together so they can operate more like “tabs in an Excel model” - you can read more about linking models in our docs here.

Wonderful! Thank you or the clarification. Makes sense :slight_smile:

Personally I had many troubles getting multiple models to work. References to other models that include category variables are particularly buggy. I would recommend putting everything in one model and separating it into sections and views. If speed is an issue, recalculate manually.

Hey @handerson - please always report bugs (via live-chat in app) so we can make sure we fix them! Not sure what you’re referring to exactly.