How do you recreate a cash flow statement from a connected Xero data source

I’m having trouble trying to recreate a cash flow statement using the connected Xero data sources. Since there is only Balance Sheet & P&L to choose from I’m using these statements on a cash basis. It works for most things, but no way to show cash movements for any given month relating to assets or liabilities. E.g. PAYG payable and super payable. If I choose Super from the P&L (Cash basis) it shows as if we are paying super every month.

Are there any plans to add the cash flow statement as a data source for Xero?

Hey @Matthew_Knee :slight_smile: - unfortunately the cashflow statement isn’t available for Xero in the US Region at this stage (this is a Xero API limitation).

What other customers have done (and what I would suggest that you do) is build an indirect cashflow in Causal, based off the cashflows in your P&L and BS. We have a template here that you can look at, if helpful