Best Practice to Model different Revenue Streams

Hi! I’m transitioning the Revenue Model to Causal. This means that (a) each team within Commercial will “own” their projections, (b) there will be more than one way of modelling volume

Example: Team A will own the volume projection for Groceries, and they will model volume as # stores x avg volume per store. Team B, however, will own the volume projection for Food and they will model volume based as a % increase YoY.

Goal is to have a single variable (let’s call it Monthly Volume), categorised by team.

What do you think is the best way of doing this? I see two alternatives:
a) A single model with views for each team. Problem is, in practice I would need multiple variables and an ugly Volume variable with lots of IFs. Sounds error-prone
b) Multiple models, one for each team. This is very clear and less error-prone, but I don’t think I can link the models to have a variable categorised by team

Any opinions?

Thank you!

Hey @Mariano_de_los_Heros :slight_smile:

Love to hear about this kind of collaboration in Causal!

I think your best solution would be to model them separately (in separate models or in same model but separate sections/groups), and then pull them into one Monthly Volume variable (broken down by the team category). That Monthly Volume variable should have the Team category explicitly applied, and then in each Team line you can just refer to the variable in the model where it is being calculated. So the Monthly Volume variable becomes a consolidation variable, not a calculation variable.

See my gif below and lmk if that makes sense to you :slight_smile:
2022-08-10 14.30.59

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Brilliant! The Commercial Team will be happy to see this. As usual, thanks @heidi_causal

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