Picture of a Formula

I have a multi-line formula. I’m trying to document it so I can reuse it in a later model. All I want to do is snap a picture of the formula and paste it into a Word doc. But when I “copy” I get the underlying code, not the image of the formula. If I try to open the big editing window on the formula and switch to the Word doc so I can manually re-type, the window closes, so I can’t see it to re-type it. How would you copy the text of a big formula?

Hey @wivers - unfortunately you can’t copy the text of formulae from Causal into other apps (e.g. Word) right now, I’ll add this to our request list though :slight_smile:

What I would suggest is just screen-shotting the formula with the formula bar expanded, like this
2023-02-01 18.36.12