Further highlight splits in variables, or make a "then after" formula

Hi, there!

When modeling, I often find it difficult to locate where in a timeline i’ve entered some new function, after which point the variable will act differently.

A few examples:
An employee might have one salary until one point, and then from a later point it will have a different value.

If it’s a functional value that changes after a point in time it is even harder to see when it changes. For instance, you could change from a fixed office rent to a per head situation at a certain time, or may have an hypothesis of a change in growth rate after a certain point.

The problem is that I very often have to return to the same splits and make alterations. Currently, I can hover a variable to find it’s splits barely visible with a thin blue line.

I would love the option of toggling this so it’s always visible, or to make the blue line thicker so I can locate the split when scrolling quickly left or right to locate it. Maybe you could use an accent colour to make it stand out?

Another alternative would be for me to handle this with a formula. Currently, it’s a huge hassle, because I would have to do a huge “If timestep > … then someFormula else someOtherFormula”, but this scales horribly, if I have multiple breaks or longs formulas.

If I could do (and you guys could probably think of a much smarter format) something like:
[Until][date/timestep] someFormula [thenAfter][Date/timestep] someOtherFormula [thenAfter][Date/timestep] someThirdFormula

^ This would blow my mind, and save me so much hassle when working with these models, as splitting formulas always feels like a workaround for me.

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Hi Sondre, if you hit Show Formulas to the top right of your model, it should show the period split very clearly! You can also hit (cmd/ctrl) + right arrow to go to the next period.
In addition to that, I personally find multi line formulas quite useful for larger conditional formulas, if you hit (cmd/ctrl) + return while typing a formula it should take you to a new line. Using a new line for every if statement makes the formula quite readable and scalable.

Please let us know if this helps!

Hi, yes! This did make the splits more clear! All though, in that view I didn’t find a simple way of adding or changing splits, so I’d end up togglign between them quite a bit.

I have been using the multi line format a lot. It’s awesome thank you!


Also found the “highlight today” setting under spreadsheet view options. It’s awesome! I expected to find it! I looked for it in spreadhseet settings, but glad to have found it.

Glad you’re enjoying the product!

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