How can I quickly add (or copy) the same value / formula to multiple selected cells, particularly across variables?

Hi guys,

it’s possible to select ranges of cells vertically, i.e. across different variables or across different category-elements within a variable.

How can I quickly apply the same value or formula to all selected cells ?

This would come in extremely handy wherever you have similar concepts or simply want to start out with the same default values and then start customizing individual category values separately.

Regardless of whether I copy a value or a formula, pasting into a range of multiple selected cells will actually only paste into the first of the selected cells, keeping the rest unaffected.

If, on the other hand, I’m copying out of a spreadsheet, I AM able to paste a whole column or row provided I have also copied a range in the source spreadsheet.

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Hey Fabian!

To copy a value or formula across the timesteps of a variable, you can hit Ctrl+Shift+R (or Cmd if on a Mac), or hit the arrow “Fill Right” next to it.

In terms of copy/pasting into category items, I’ve passed this onto the team and will work on adding/fixing this functionality :slight_smile:

A workaround for now might be to enter the value/formula in the Value column, then you can just edit the specific timesteps you want to be different (if that makes sense)

Thanks @heidi_causal

But horizontally is clear.

Question is about vertically in both category elements under a variable (thanks for forwarding), but also, which I believe fell through the cracks, across variables.

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One trick is to un-categorize the variable, enter the default value and then re-categorize the variable - the default value will now appear in every item.

Thank you @wivers ! While that works weill if you want to have a single value / formula to start off of, it doesn’t help you in situations where you have a larger number of elements and want to quickly update a subset of selected elements

Ideally it would be possible to paste into the spreadsheet to whatever range is currently selected. Even a certain range of months across several values / category elements would be really handy

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