Sharing "spreadsheet view" / view access to spreadsheets


Currently, sharing my financials through causal with investors or others who really want to dig into my calculations is a real hassle. I don’t want to provide them with access to edit the entire model, but they find the visuals and card view available through sharing underwhelming.

The spreadsheet view provides the most in-depth and structured way of sharing the entire model, so please allow me to do just that.


Hey @Kvam - we definitely hear you on this one and are actively working on a proper fix for this (i.e. creating a fully-fledged “read-only” spreadsheet view, so your investors can see formulas etc without risking editing the live model).

In the meantime, a workaround I’d suggest is giving them “Suggest edit access” to a View of the model/s you want to share with them. Suggest edit access is a beta feature where users are able to suggest edits to a view of a model, and the edits are then sent to the model admin/s to approve/reject.

This means that if these users did accidentally edit something, it wouldn’t get pushed to the live model unless you (or anyone who has edit access to the model) approved it.

Let me know if that makes sense!

To create a view that still shows the entire model, I’d just set a Time Filter (see docs here) for the full time-period of the model. This way the view doesn’t actually filter anything out, but enables you to share the view with suggest edit access. These are our docs on sharing views - Sharing views - Causal Product Docs - there isn’t anything there on Suggest Edit Access yet but it should be fairly self-explanatory :slight_smile: attached screenshot below too.

I just gave our investor an editor-seat before getting this email, which turned out alright even though it didn’t feel safe. I got feedback from our investor that I might be expected to have spreadsheets available in excel in the future as investors don’t want to learn a new tool to be able to play around with the model. Therefore, upgrading your excel-export might also be a good idea. Anyway, glad to hear you’re working on this!


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