Links to named versions of models

We need to be able to share links to named versions of models, similar to the way Git works. Right now, all stakeholders including external investors see the head of the development branch, which effectively means we cannot make changes once the model link has been distributed.

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Thanks for the feedback! This will surely be a great feature to have and we have added this on our list.In the meantime, scenarios should make as a great workaround. Essentially the default scenario could work as the main branch and any additional scenarios could work as the sub branches. You can work on any on the scenarios without any effect on the default. When you are confident with your work on the new scenario, you can override it to the default, this will essentially work as a commit
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While sharing the dashboard, be sure to create a view with scenario filters to prevent the viewer from accessing any unwanted scenarios.

Filtering out the dev scenario in a view and then sharing only that view would not work for Startup plan users. Dashboard users are able to see all views in the Startup plan. Sharing filtered views is only on the rather unaffordable Business plan, unless I am mistaken.

You’re right that permissioned views are only currently available on the Business plan. We’ll consider making this feature available to folks on the Startup Plan. In the meantime, we’ll be in touch to see if we can solve your problem here.

A scenario is a variant of your model in which some variables have different values or formulas. The structure of the model — the variables, groups, and sections — doesn’t change across scenarios.

Scenarios are quite limited in what you can do, so I don’t view this as a solution. Modern software development is based on release pipelines. Quite shocking that this is not supported.

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Totally hear you Harold - we’ll surely consider adding this down the line!

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