Carrying over inputs from one scenario to another

How do I automatically carry over some set of inputs from one scenario to another?
For example, if I update my first scenario with actuals from the current month, I don’t want to have to repeat that multiple times, for each scenario. I want the other scenarios to get the values from the base scenario

Hey Ted, if you haven’t explicitly changed the formula in the other scenarios, the variables are still linked to the default scenario. Here is an example:

  1. Let’s say you have a model with Variable A = 10 and Variable B = 10
  2. You create a Scenario and change B to 20 in the new scenario
  3. Now you go back to the default scenario and change A and B to 30
  • In the default scenario the values are now A=30 and B=30
  • In the other scenario, the values are A=30 (this got carried over from the default scenario) and B=20 (the change in the default scenario didn’t affect this variable, because the formula for B got changed explicitly in step 2)
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