Goal Seek across linked models

Hi guys,

it seems that it’s currently not possible to perform a goal seek, when the influencing variable is referring to a linked model. It just doesn’t want to give me any input variables in the goal seek wizard.

It would really be helpful to be able to run a goal seek on the consolidated level, affecting variables in the underlying linked models, e.g. personnel planning.

Or am i overlooking something here ?

Thank you & Best Regards

ahhh yikes … just realized Goal Seek can only work on input variables.

Now it would be really great if Goal Seek could operate on any variable.

Thank you & Best Regards

and sorry … me again. Goal Seek just doesn’t seem to want to do anything at all.

Build a super simple playground model … and can’t get it to spit out anything meaningful, regardless of the ranges I put in.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you & Best Regards

Hey @FabianK - let me chat with the team & come back to you!