Linking Multiple Entries of a Category to Another in a Show and Tell Forum

I want to show a solution to a common problem: linking multiple entries of one category to another. Let’s dive in!
I’ve created a category of SaaS tools, and now I need to assign each department the specific SaaS tools they use. The goal is to have the cost per employee vary depending on the department. Ideally, I want to map each role/title to the corresponding SaaS tools.
I found out that a category item can only be mapped to one item in the other category. But here’s a workaround that worked perfectly for me:

  1. Reverse the Mapping Direction: Instead of mapping a title to multiple tools, map each tool to a title. This way, you can associate multiple SaaS tools with each department or role/title by reversing the mapping direction.
  2. Implementation Steps:
  • Create a List of SaaS Tools: List all the SaaS tools you want to assign.
  • Map Each Tool to Relevant Titles/Departments: For each SaaS tool, specify the departments or roles that use it.
  • Calculate Costs: Once the mappings are done, calculate the cost per employee based on the department’s or role’s assigned tools.

Could you please share this model? I’d like to think about it. I usually do it a different way, creating a table of assignment records, with each row in the table having a unique assignment ID, an employee, and a tool they were assigned rights to use.