Is it possible to categorize external data sources?

Hi! Would it be possible to assign categories to data coming through a data source? My financial data is coming in through Xero, and I would like to assign “roll-up” categories for my expenses (e.g., aggregate wages, benefits and payroll tax into “payroll” category"). Right now, I’m doing this “manually”, by pulling in each line item into inputs, then summing them, but it would be more elegant to do this with categories. Thanks!

Hey @Marianna_Kerppola! At the moment this isn’t possible to create categories from data items in a data source. Causal right now only pulls categories from data if there are categories in data (e.g. if you had tracking categories in Xero, e.g. Department, then we could pull in GL code breakdown by Department).

I can see how that would be helpful though, so will pass this onto the team as a longer-term product suggestion :slight_smile:

Btw - did you know that you can link multiple data items (GL codes in your instance) to a single variable in your model? (e.g. you can pull through Wages, Benefits, and Payroll Tax into one Payroll variable)