Allocated a single individual salary across multiple cost categories

So something I do in excel very frequently is department, P&L and possibly BU (Enterprise, SMB, Self-Serve) allocations at a row level for each employee. So imagine you have a list in excel of 100 employees and you are basically determining the % of their cost attributable to those three key reporting categories. For the most part department is always 100%, i.e. you are an engineer so you are in Product & Engineering. However! for things like P&L categories I often use key SaaS groupings of COGS, S&M, R&D and G&A. Many executives I like to allocated a bit to G&A but also in smaller companies to the functional department, think CTO is 30% G&A and 70% R&D. Even more important is the BU level. Say you have an onboarding team and a customer support team that are only 2 FTE each. You have several BU (examples above) and they work across all 3. With for example an onboarding team of 0% self-serve, 30% SMB and 70% enterprise. Or customer support team thats 20/30/50. This allocations are super important for BU gross margins and GTM strategy while we evaluated the viability of servicing different possible segments but in excel this is super easy…in Causal I’m not sure I see an easy route to this functionality noting categories are mutually exclusive for each row level (employee) data point.

Hey @Colin_MacLaughlin you can use nested Categories to achieve this aim!

Please see loom and template.

Let me know if this helps!

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OK very interesting, Ill have a look thanks.