How to distribute values across a number of periods?

HI guys, is there any function I can use to distribute a value across the number of periods across which I apply the same formula ?

for example:

  • I know I want to spend 1.000€ for a project
  • the exact duration across which I’m going to spend this is up for discussion
  • I’d like to be able to easily adjust the time span by narrowing in or expanding the “merged cells” across which spending occurs.
  • In order to keep things tidy I’d like to refrain from adding “start date” and “end date” variables (as we’d have a whole load of such start/end dates then, cluttering things up too much).

Thank you & Best Regards

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Hey Fabian,
there is a function called “ramp_normalized” which can be used for distributing a fixed value over a time period. It creates a linear ramp with the cumulative sum of 1. So to distribute $1,000 over a time period from January 2022 to June 2022, you can use this formula:

If you don’t want the value to ramp up but to stay constant over time, you can just add 1 as a 4th parameter:

Regarding the start and end date variables: if you create a category for the projects, you only need one variable for the start date and the end date.