Sum a range of cells

How do I sum up a range of cells easily? My use case is that I import a data set of appointment volume by customer by month. I want to use the Sum function in a way that mirrors Excel. Thanks!

Hey @Mkempa - it is hard to see from your screenshot, but are the different rows category items or variables?

If they are variables: you can either do variable X + variable Y... or sum(variable X, variable Y...). You can also group the variables, and then just sum(groupname), see our docs here.

If they are category items underneath a variable: the top level of the variable will automatically sum all of the category items for you. If you only want to sum a few select category items, you will need to create a separate variable, and refer to that original variable but filter it for the relevant items (see our docs here)

If you’re still having trouble with this please message us on the live-chat in app (top right) :slight_smile: