Allow function-driven variables in categories

Hi guys!

It would be great if categories would allow entering a function into an associated variable.

Right now, Causal simply ignores the entry if you try to enter a formula in the category view on the bottom.

if you then resort to the spreadsheet to enter a variable for the respective variable/category combination, it will happily accept it in the spreadsheet, BUT the variable disappears from the category section.

Thanks & Regards

Hey Fabian! That’s actually intentional. We want to keep the Data Table / Category view down the bottom as clean as possible, so we only show variables there that are constants (i.e. have no formulas). All formulae instead live in the spreadsheet, variable by variable. Does that make sense?

Hi Heidi,

I can see that you want to keep it clean.

However, I find it very irritating that entering a formula somewhere (i.e. in the spreadsheet) causes an element to completely vanish somewhere else (i.e. the linked variable in the category table).

Also, imho it extremely limits the feature of having categories in the first place. To me it is predominantly a means of structuring data in a meaningful way. All variables that are associated to categories also live in the spreadsheet as well … so it’s not necessarily about enhancing the functionality of the category table to accept a formula entry. BUT imho it should be able to DISPLAY the formula driven values, AND it must certainly not cause the category table to become incomplete if you add a formula on a spreadsheet variable that just so happens to be linked to a category.

I really suggest revisiting this with the team.

Thank you & Best Regards