Filter the display of category sub-elements according to formula's filter settings

Hi guys,

Once you enter a formula that refers to a categorized variable, you get the nice “expand” feature that shows all contained category entries and their relevant values underneath the variable in separate rows. Aweseome!

However, if you filter the categories to which the formula applies, we see different behaviors, two of which I find a bit irritating:

  1. if you filter by one of the core category elements, you only see that one value - fully understood, clear, nothing needs to change here. :white_check_mark:

  2. if you filter for MULTIPLE (n) core category elements, you still only see one value and you have to use an aggregation function in the formula, otherwise you get an error.
    I’d find it much more intuitive and clean for the structure of the model, if you’d actually see n lines underneath, one for each of the n selected core category elements. :pray:

  3. if you group by a linked category, you see all the linked category elements - also clear, “you get what you ordered”, nothing needs to change here. :white_check_mark:

  4. if you filter for a specific linked category element, you get ALL of the core category elements in the lines below, while only those that match the selected core category element will have values in their cells. The result therefore is correct, however the display is cluttered up with category elements that shouldn’t be in there, because they were intentionally filtered out.
    I’d prefer to only see those elements listed below, that actually match my filter settings. :pray:

Use case:
you plan the cost of your employees, split them up into different teams, and want to add separate variables for each team individually. You don’t want the names of the marketing folks to show up in the list of the supply chain folks, even if all marketing folks have 0 EUR in their cells. You never know “is this a former / future employee of this team? Or is this just a ‘ghost’ that is forced to 0 because of the underlying filter?”

Thank you & Best Regards

Hello again Fabian! Understand what you’re saying for #4 - but for #2, do you mind providing a screenshot/example for us?

Actually do you mind providing a screenshot for both? I want to see how you’re filtering :nerd_face:

Hi @heidi_causal ,

here are some screenshots:

2: selected 2 Core Elements and don’t see the Core Elements below the variable. Would like to see both selected entries

4a: we have selected only 1 linked category element (Team) and see the list of all Core Elements while we’ only like to see those Core Elements matching the selected team.

4b: we have selected 2 linked category elements (Teams) and also see the list of all Core Elements while we’d only like to see the Core Elements matching the selected Teams.

HTH, Thank you & Best Regards

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