History for individual variables

Hi guys,

It would be awesome if there was a history for each individual formula.

Sometimes you find yourself going down a rabbit’s hole … and only realize that something went kaboodle after having made other changes to the model as well. Therefore going back in the full history is not really viable - firstly, because you may not know anymore when exactly you made that change. And secondly, because you may just want to keep other changes.

Google Sheets has a nice feature where you can see the history of an individual cell.

Thank you & BR

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Yes, this is really useful in gsheets! Thanks Fabian :nerd_face:

Wow! That’s a great idea. Particularly because of the power of Causal’s formula construction where so much is contained in a single variable specification - if you delete one and change your mind, it is not so easy to reconstruct what you had previously, especially if in the mean time you did other things elsewhere so undo isn’t appropriate.