Locking Historical Data

I would like suggest one product feature i.e. Locking Data.
The use case is as an Admin I want to provide ability to functional heads to collaborate and add their function-specific information. But I don’t want collaborators to update any historical information or constant fields unless approved by Admin.
This is to keep the sanity of data intact as data is typically presented to investors and other stakeholders and users should be accountable for information submitted.

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Hey Mohit - thanks for the suggestion! We definitely hear you on the need to lock certain formulas/values/data you don’t want others to change.

Are you connected to any data sources for your historical information (e.g. Xero)? Historical data from a data source overrides any formulae/value and cannot be edited.

No, most of the models and data is directly built-in causal app itself.

Got it. Thanks Mohit, we’ll keep you posted. We are doing some thinking around how permissioning works on Causal, so will make sure we consider this functionality :+1: