How do I add comments on individual cells?

Is it possible to add comments on individual cells and not entire variables?

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You can either add comments to a variable or within the formulas. Currently there is no straight forward way to leave comments on individual cells though this is on the roadmap and should hopefully be available soon! There is a hack where you can leverage the formula comments functionality for this purpose as follows: The formula comments last over the span of a period which by default are the cells within a variable that share the same formula. To add unique comments on individual cells you need to:

  1. Write a stable formula for the variable. Note that this formula will be difficult to modify over the entire time span later.
  2. Split this calculations into the granularity of your model.(Split into months in a monthly model, into quarters in a quarterly model and so on). Here are our docs that should walk you through doing the same. Now each cell of the variable should be an individual period
  3. Finally you can add the comments in the formula for the desired period like this.