Dates do not extend forward

I am setting up a budget for 2023 and I cannot get the dates to go beyond December of this year despite extending the date range through 2023 and keeping the granularity at monthly. Any idea why this might be?

Hey @roca can you ping us on the live-chat in app (top-right) and we’ll be able to help you there :slight_smile:

Hi Heidi - It seems the live chat isn’t working. I did get the issue to resolve but I can’t recall how. It was a bit buggy like I’ve noticed the fill to the right function seems to be. Now my issue is that although dates are showing in line charts, in tables the data is still showing 1 value / column only but I’m not sure why.

And again, I seem to have resolved this. I set up the budget as a scenario within Causal. The default display was to show the scenario as a version (using columns settings) but it doesn’t display correctly until I set the current display to the scenario. I’m hoping once we start adding data to the model that this will in fact show both actual and scenario data.

Is this the right approach?

Hi @roca,

We typically suggest that you use our versions functionality to create the budget. Please see docs here for further information.

Once the version has been saved, you can bring this in as a column in your table and automatically do budget vs actuals variance analysis. Please see here for more info.

I hope this is helpful! If you need further guidance, I suggest reaching out to us directly via our in-app live chat. This goes directly to our specialist support team who will be more than happy to assist further.