Link live Google Sheets to Causal and input set dates into the correct monthly column


I would like to link a live Google Sheets to Causal and if this is possible have values with set dates (E.g. 31/03/2022) being automatically inputted into the correct monthly column (E.g. March 2022).



Hey @Callum_Pithie

Take a look at our docs here to learn about how to link a live google sheet to Causal :zap:

It sounds like you’ll be wanting to use our Time Series format here

Be sure to format the date values as Numbers , not Text . The =ISDATE() function in Google Sheets can be used to check that.

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for your reply.

I have read the time series information you have provided and I am not sure this will achieve what we have requested …

Please see below a screenshot showing how the information will be presented in Google Sheets and how we would like this presented in Causal.

Is it possible to do this?


Hey @Callum_Pithie - yes, you’ll want to use our transactional format: Transactions - Causal Product Docs

Thanks Heidi.

To be honest this is still not entirely clear …

Is it possible to organise a call to discuss setting this up or for you to provide a template Google Sheets and Causal board with what we require?

Hey Callum - it should be fairly simple. Your first column will be labelled Date (in your case, this will be a list of your due dates), your second column will be called “Type” and this will be Invoice 1, Invoice 2 etc. Your third column will be Value, and will list the amounts of each invoice.

If that isn’t clear please get in touch with our customer support team via the live-chat in app :slight_smile: