Comparing Versions


I have two saved versions, 2022 Budget and 2022 Forecast. I imported the Budget version with all needed 2022 months populated using a Google Sheet. I then created the Forecast with Actuals through January 2022 and the Forecast from February - December 2022 using the same Google Sheet. The problem is when I create a visual table to compare the two versions, I’m only presented with the option to choose the Forecast version.
I was under the impression I would be able to compare versions. Is this not the case or am I doing something wrong?


Hey Ric - sorry for the slow reply here!

It sounds like you have both versions in the same google sheet which is probably causing issues as when you saved the Forecast version it would override the Budget version.

  • I’d usually recommend that you do all budgeting/forecasting directly in Causal, and only use the “Import version from gsheet” option when you had a pre-existing budget that was created prior to Causal.
  • For your forecast that will just be your “Current” version of Causal (as your current version should have actuals for historic months (if you’re connected to data), and your current forecast for forecast months. See more about “current” version here).
  • In terms of creating a visual to compare versions, see our docs here

With issues like this it is probably better to just reach out to us directly via the live chat in-app so our team can help directly troubleshoot :slight_smile: - so if my above message doesn’t make sense then please reach out directly via live chat.