How do you change the date range from a cloned template without upsetting the variables?

I’ve been trying out the software using a template that has a defined time period that I want to modify to be this year. When I change the date range it breaks the template and it no longer works properly. I’ve had to rewrite the formulas for it to work, but there must be a simpler way to do this. I don’t want to change the logic of the template, I just want the time period labels to coincide with my date range.


Hey @polbrown – which template were you cloning?

When you change the time settings of a model, Causal will take the nearest month’s formula/value, i.e.

  • If you extend the end date of your model, Causal will just extend your forecasting methodology or values from the prior final month, to those future months.
  • If you change the start date of your model, Causal will take the nearest month’s formula/value.

This means that when you have different forecasting methodology for different time steps, and then you change your time settings - formulas may get overidden. You’ll just need to update those ones manually :smile: