How do I assign relative values in scenarios?`

How do I assign relative values in scenarios as opposed to absolute values. For example If my primary scenario has a variable for the estimated CAC with the value of $100 so how do I make scenarios where let’s say the CAC is 10% higher or 5% lower rather than having absolute values such that if I change the primary scenario, the other scenarios adjust with the change?

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Hi @nirmay.panchal. That’s a great question. You can do the same as follows:

  1. Create a variable for the primary CAC and assign it with a value that would like to have for the base scenario. Note that this variable should strictly be consistent across all scenarios.
  2. Now you can create a variable for the variance in scenarios (Lets call it CAC scenario variance). This variable will have the value of 0% in your base scenario and take different values in the other scenarios. According to the example mentioned, it will take the value of 10% and -5%
  3. Finally you need to create a final variable (Let’s call it Final CAC). This will take on a formula similar to primary CAC *(1+CAC scenario variance) . This variable will now have the desired values in all scenarios and can be used in your calculations :slight_smile: