Ability to set default view and use dynamic settings

Feature Request #1: As a user, I want to be able to set a default view for my models.

Example #1

Base Model Setting - show 2021 - 2023
View - 2022 (current fiscal year)

Right now, when I open my model I’m shown 2021 - 2023. Instead, I want the flexibility to set my default or landing page view to 2022 only. I have other use cases that involve both time period and variables (so a filter), but time only to start would address the most challenging pain point.

Feature Request #2: As a user, I want to be able to set dynamic time based views

I often look at 6 month ahead financial projections. Managing this today in Causal is somewhat cumbersome because I have to manually create a time-based view.

Example #2

Let’s say I want to look at Q4 of this calendar year as well as Q1 of next calendar year.

Today, I’d have to create that view manually. However, it would be much simpler if there were a way to say “show me the next six months, nine months, etc.” irrespective of the current financial year. I’d also settle for a date slider.