Using a cap for Ramp formula

I’m creating a ramp for onboarding subscriptions for a SaaS. I used the Ramp formula to bring new users on board given that each customer has differing activation rates.

However, I’ve discovered one issue with the formula

There is meant to be a stop once all the licenses are activated

For example, once an OEM has signed for 30 contracts, then once they are all activated, that’s it.

With the formula, it assumes that you continue to have licenses activated after you’ve reached a peak.

Using the last example, it assumes you keep having 30 licenses issued after full activation

How do I put a cap on this?

Hey @Cornell_Tsiang,

Please see loom and let me know if this solves your problem!


Hey Sanjeev

Thanks for that. Yup, it solved the issue! Now I have the net as the new subscriptions and the gross as total. Thanks again