Salesperson Quota Ramp

When a new salesperson is hired, it take them N months to reach full quota productivity. For example, at a $12M annual quota, the rep would book $1M/month. On a 10 month linear ramp, their quota would be $100K in month 1, $200K in month 2, etc, until at month 10 they were fully ramped.

In Causal I have achieved the ramp with the formula:
((Annual Quota/12)/Ramp Months)*time step

At the end of this ramp I would like for that (full monthly quota) amount to continue on indefinitely.

Currently I have two issues:

  1. I have to manually enter a hard value at the month of full quota, then push right
  2. The push right only fills to the end of the calendar / model year, leaving my linked bookings model with a falloff.

How can I fix this?

Hi @Chris_Mullins,

How are you entering in each salesperson? Do they have a Start Date? If so you can follow the logic set out below:

The first step I would suggest is creating the ramp sequence as a separate input variable which you can manually set or use your formula as you wish, remembering that you are calculating % of cumulative ramp in each period:

Next, if you are using Start Date you can use the formula below which will Ramp each Account Executive up by the ramp sequence to create an Effective Account Executive variable (see docs for guidance on building out a Headcount variable):


Using the max function and previous like this means even if the particular Account Executive falls off the ramp sequence after 100%, they will remain at 100% as long as they are an active Employee as calculated in the Headcount variable. You could then extend the timeline of the model as long as is required to populate your Bookings model correctly.

You can then multiple Effective Account Executives by Quota Attainment per AE to calculate Total Quota in the period.

If you don’t use a Start Date and are instead manually entering in the salesperson in the appropriate period you can instead use the Spread function like this (explained here):


Hope this helps!

Hi Sanjeev. Thanks for the reply. Some good stuff here, but I need some help synthesizing.

Start Date
I do have a Start Date as follows:

Is this the best way to do this? Fine for me now, but it seems like it would get unwieldy at scale.

Ramp Quota
I think I like your way better. I am doing this:

((Annual Quota/12)/Ramp Months)*timeStep

…but this leaves me with multiple models in the variable. Not as clean as your suggestion.

Are you instantiating the Effective Account Executives *simply by mentioning it in the formula like a AS in SQL? I’m missing where this variable was created.

You could then extend the timeline of the model as long as is required to populate your Bookings model correctly.

How do I do this?

Thanks again for the assist.

Hey @Chris_Mullins,

On Start Date, I would suggest having one Start Date variable and then applying a Employees Category to it. See docs here for further explanation. This will reduce complexity and allow you to scale the model much easier.

The formula is how to create the variable Effective Account Executives, in the formula I am referencing itself in the previous period.

You can change the Time Settings of any model using the guidance here.

Hope that helps!