Using cohorts when the model begins with existing customers


I need to use cohorts of customers in my revenue calculations as our business is characterized by a ramp-up period. For new customers everything is straightforward, but the problem is that I’m starting my model also with a group of ‘old’ customers right in the beginning of my modelling period.

Would be great to hear if anyone as tackled this before and could share some smart workarounds :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anton_Gustafsson,

Sure this a fairly common problem and one Causal can definitely solve!

There is an option under the settings icon in the top right of the screen, under Model Options to change your First Cohort Name as you can see in this snip.

So you can name this something like pre 2022 Cohort if your forecasting started in Jan 22 for example. Then if your date range for the model started in Dec 21, you can define a different logic for this cohort, which would aggregate all the historic ones, than the others with an if statement as in the snip below:


Hopefully that helps!

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