Adding Aggregated Variables

Example: Create a categorized variable. Now suppose you want to calculate the sum of the items. Start by adding a new uncategorized variable. Then enter, for the fomula, the name of the old categorized variable, and click the Category icon and select Aggregation. So far everything works very well. But then click Enter to finish the formula. The system, instead of noticing the aggregation and realizing that this will not be a categorized variable, first notices that there is a categorized variable in the formula and immediately builds out the lines, one per item for a categorized variable - all unnecessary. Then, it erroneously switches the setting of the categorized variable in the formula back from Aggregation to All. Then, in an additional unnecessary step, you have to switch it back again to Aggregation, at which point it deletes all the unnecessary lines and goes back to an uncategorized variable the way it should have when you first clicked “Enter”. Not a big deal, but it does create a lot of jumping around and confusion.

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Apologies @wivers. This seems to be a bug, I’ve forwarded this to our team. It should be fixed soon.