Moving Tabs Around

Don’t know if this has been suggested before but when I open up a new model that’s linked to all these other models, the tabs can’t be moved around.

If I could drag them and rearrange them sorta like the tabs in Google Chrome, it would be great (since I’ve split up a bunch of my models to do specific things).


Hey Robert - yes, this is so needed, and is firmly on our roadmap, along with better folder organization :nerd_face:


Hi @heidi_causal is there a way to move models into folders? I was clicking around today trying to make use of my nice new folders, but could not figure it out. Thanks!

Hey @Jason_McDermott :nerd_face: - at the moment the UI is a bit hidden. If you have an existing model you’d like to move into a folder, edit the name as follows ‘Folder Name / Model Name’, e.g. ‘Heidi’s Practice Models / Cohort Model’. That will basically tell Causal to move it into that folder, and then just the Model Name will persist. Our engineering team is actually currently working on a better UI for folders, so stay tuned :file_folder:

Thanks @heidi_causal I did spot that and tried to set the folder that way, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Here’s a screen shot of the result:

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 2.58.41 pm


In an ideal world, there would be:

  1. A way to drag/drop the model into the folder, in the ‘home’ screen, and
  2. A ‘move to folder’ UI, which I can use whilst editing the model

It’s somewhat straightforward to do this with Google docs, might be worth looking at their UX

I look forward to getting my causal models nicely organised :smiley:

Hey Jason - since I replied yesterday, the team has discovered a bug with our folders, I believe you may have chatted to our team via live chat on this as well? The engineering team is currently working on a fix for the bug, as well as upgraded UX like you described. We’ll let you know via live chat as soon as the folder bug has been fixed :slight_smile:

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Amazing, thanks @heidi_causal
Go team Causal!


Thanks @heidi_causal for the new drag and drop folder interface!

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