Folder Name on Tab line

It is often necessary to compare one simulation (a combination of models in one folder) with a different simulation. I end up with two tabs in my browser, which are independent Causal sessions, one for each simulation (folder). But those sessions do not indicate which folder they are referring to. The models in them may have similar names and variables, and it is easy to starting making modifications only to discover you are working on the wrong folder. If a Causal session is working on a combination of models within a folder, could we please add the name of the folder to the spreadsheet display, perhaps at the beginning of the list of tab names for each model?

Hey @wivers - thanks for the suggestion! We’ll soon be adding the ability to see which folder/s a model is in by hovering over the model name/tab.

I’m not sure what the use case of the different “simulations” are for you, but it might be worth considering Causal’s Scenarios or Versions functionality instead, if relevant.

An example of a simulation: seven models which break down the elements of simulating a company’s activities. I may have simulations of ten separate businesses, each with similar models in their simulation folders, but each company will have special versions of each type of model. So all companies may have a “P&L” model in their respective folders, but they won’t be the same.
A “simulation” is a step further than a pro-forma in that all the drivers are formulas and curves so that only a few input variables drive the entire calculation.