Concurrent Updates between sharing users?

If I share a model with a client who has an account, do we jointly and concurrently update the model or is this the kind of sharing where the last person to save wipes out any changes made by others since the last save? If the latter, does Causal have a plan to implement concurrent updates?

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From experience, Causal detects the conflicts and asks whether to force update or abandon all changes made.

A collaborative feature would indeed be greatly appreciated.

Does it detect individual conflicts or just overall? E.g. if I change variable A and Kate changes variable B, would it keep both changes or say there was a conflict?

It’s not smart. It takes any change as conflict, it’s remotely impossible to work in collaboration at the same time. We ran into this while I was adding variable’s description and my teammate was doing something completely unrelated.

Hey @Ambroise & @wivers :wave:

Yip, you’re correct @Ambroise - at the moment, only one user can edit a model at a time. Real-time collaboration (i.e. multiple people being able to edit at one time, like in Google Sheets) is definitely on the roadmap, so stay tuned!