How do I show the uncertainty range of a variable in a pivot table summary?

Hi all,

I want to show stakeholders an expect net income number for the year using the uncertainty range rather than a singular value for the variable. Displaying a range is a much clearer way to show the uncertainty of the value. Is this possible using the display settings for pivot tables?

The workaround I’ve found is to create a cumulative variable for net income and use a statistic chart. See below for screenshots.

Current State (Pivot shows $386k instead of the range $359k - $373k)

Desired state (sample from a statistic chart workaround)

Hey @Chris_Williams -

That is likely the best workaround for now. We’re working on a rewrite of our Data Tables, and I’ve created a task to have this functionality included. Thanks for pointing this out!

Great, thanks Tim. Let me know if you need any more information - I’m also happy to beta test if you need. Thanks!