Tabs/Toggle/Dropdown for Chart Variants

For most of the charts, we are working on right now, multiple variations of the same chart are needed to get the full picture. Right now, we would need to implement each chart 2-3 times rather than having just 1 chart that allows us to switch between variants, e.g. via tabs.

Here is an example: Let’s say you are modeling your new contract pipeline. Usually, you want to see # of new contracts and $ ACV of new contracts. If we model this in a time-series with a category “By product”, then we already have tons of rows for # of contracts and $ of contracts, so instead of just displaying them under each other, I ideally would like to have just a toggle/tabs in the dashboard. I’d even be fine with having to create the exact same chart twice or 3 times but being able to load it in a tabbed component which is a bit of effort for the dashboard creator but I’m mainly aiming to improve the dashboard user’s experience right now.

Here is an example of what I mean: It let’s you select if you want to see the “Sum of ACV of new contracts” or the “Count of new contracts” in each month (planned vs actual + grouped by Product)

Hey @Lukas_Gentele, thanks for the feature request. We are working on upgrading our dashboard functionality as we speak and hope you will enjoy it once released!

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Do you have any ETA on this?

Hey @Lukas_Gentele, we’re going to be releasing a bunch of dashboard upgrades for “consumers” of models, but this won’t be until sometime in Q2 most likely, and I’m not sure it would exactly meet your need here.

In terms of having too many rows:

  • Looking at your table in the screenshot, it seems like you have an extra row ‘ARR’ generated by the fact that ARR variable is in a group in the spreadsheet called ARR. You can toggle this off, and this extra row won’t be shown anymore. This setting is usually useful if you have more than one variable in the group shown on the table, as it organizes your table visually :slight_smile:

  • Also, if you don’t want to show the breakdown of ARR between Business and Enterprise you can toggle the category off for that variable on the table

In terms of re-creating this chart, you could just duplicate the chart (right-click, duplicate), and change the variables to be referencing the “count of contract” variables (not sum of ACV variables). You could have this side by side with the other table, and make both half-width.

Alternatively with my suggestions above you could have it all on one table, with only 4 rows :slight_smile: or if you keep the category breakdown it’d be 8 rows.

Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense, or if that isn’t what you’re after

Thanks for the quick update and for the tip regarding hiding the extra variable name row.

What I shared was just a minimal example from one of your SaaS templates that I adjusted to see what is possible. It’s not what I’m actually building. Pretty much any chart I am building needs # vs $ amount and having 2 copies of everything when sharing a dashboard with someone rather than having them able to toggle it seems not like an ideal UX but yeah, splitting the view is what I am doing right now as a workaround.

Examples where this type of #/$ applies:

  • Customers by segment/product
  • New ARR Pipeline by lead source/campaign
  • Salesforce Opportunities by stage/product
  • Renewals by segment/product
  • Expansions by segment/product

Pretty much any table where you want to display data aggregated by segment/product regarding sales performance.

Got it. At the moment tables rely on separate variables in the spreadsheet (e.g. one for count, one for sum), which is why there is a duplication. Let me take this to the team for discussion though, as I definitely hear you on how this could be useful :slight_smile:

To set expectations this wouldn’t happen anytime soon, but we can definitely consider it on our roadmap, and will keep you posted here down the line :smiley:

Yeah, the charts are quite limited. I have a few more suggestions (e.g. sort by column, multi-select for filters, allowing to use items in filters+variables at the same time (esp. for once you support multi-select filters)). I’ll open tickets for these topics and lots of other limitations / UX issues I ran into by now. Saw that you hired a product designer a few months ago. Fingers crossed that this will bring some UX improvements.

Appreciate the prompt replies.

Pleased to say that sort by and multi-select are scheduled to be worked on this quarter - great minds think alike :slight_smile: will consider variable filters too, but note that you can already use Views for this kind of thing too, and Views are about to get a big upgrade next week so keep your eyes peeled for that :eyes:

No problems @Lukas_Gentele - keep the feedback coming!