How do I make my model work across different granularities?

I would like to have different variables that calculate values at different periods.

Some use cases would be to make models for :

  • Products with different billing subscriptions
  • Hiring contractors on a weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on the needs
  • Seeing how different compounding periods affect the interest.
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I share this need/want, but Iā€™m told that using linking models built on different timescales can lead to unexpected behaviors.

Hey @Jonathan_Downey & @Andrew_McCloud ā€“ we just published a page on how different time granularities interact in Causal. Hopefully you might find it useful :slight_smile:

We also have this vendor-level template, which shows you how you can use different payment frequencies (e.g. Annual vs. Monthly) as a category, and then use that category within a formula.

You might also find it useful reading through our pages on time listed here :stopwatch:

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Thank you! Really appreciate you closing the loop on the different time granularities. Going to review that now.


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