How do I link set the default linked category to `none`?

When linking categories can the default linked category be “none”. In categories with many items where only a few are linked it is time consuming to have to go through one by one changing each link to “none”. Copying & pasting “none” doesn’t work

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Hey @Ian.McCall as of now there’s no direct way to do so. Causal uses the item that’s at the top of the list in the linked category as the default. Luckily you can leverage this behaviour by creating a new dummy item in your linked category and moving it to the top. Now on linking this category, all items will be set to this dummy item. Finally if you delete the dummy item, all items linked to it will have the none link.
You can also copy blank cells from a spreadsheet and paste those to remove the links

We understand that this behaviour is not ideal and we will work to change it.