How do I ensure percentages add up to 100% when using distributions?

If I have a model with percentages that denote a fraction of something (e.g. shareholders in a company), then it doesn’t make sense to simulate outcomes where the ownership adds up to > 100%.

Is it possible to set such a monte carlo constraint for the simulation in Causal?

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One potential solution: Sample your shareholder values, the compute the sum, and then normalize all values to get percentages.

sum = pre seed investors + employee option pool - + ...
pre seed investors % = pre seed investors / SUM
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Definitely do-able, just a bit backwards in terms of how you think about it as a user:

Will try a method where we’re ensuring with conditionals that the total doesn’t exceed 1…

I definitely prefer using conditionals to ensure the percentages line up.

@Sirupsen can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “conditionals” and how exactly you implemented your approach ?

Thank you !