How do I pull the Year value and display it in every month for that year?

I want to pull my total sales value for the year so i can then calculate a % of the yearly value for downstream calcs.

Ex: I have $10 in Jan, $0 in Feb, and $10 in Mar for Sales. My next variable is Yearly Sales - which I want to display $20 for Jan, Feb, and March.

I tried using the Year timestep but that didn’t seem to work.

Hey Ivee,

there are a few ways to go about this. One way being to create a variable for each annual total. An example formula for getting annual sales for 2022 would look like:


This may be too manual if you have many years in your model or if you plan to roll your model forward. A more dynamic way to do this would be creating a formula like this:

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The helper variable, ‘year’, was used in the time box settings of the variable. This will set each cells value to their corresponding annual total and no changes would need to be made if the model was rolled forward. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this!