Bring Chart Height Adjustments to the Spreadsheet Workspace

I’ve just learned that if I go to the Visual Workspace, I can grab the bottom of a chart and pull it up or down, changing the height of the chart. This is particularly significant if you have a category with a lot of items such that the pop-up box in the chart is forced to use a scroller. By increasing the height, the scroller goes away.

Here’s the problem: the height doesn’t change for the spreadsheet view (though it does for present mode, which is good), nor can the user stretch the height while in spreadsheet view. But when calibrating variables in spreadsheet mode, it is often necessary to look at the values in the pop-up box and that doesn’t work for large Category counts. It would be nice to add the “height stretch” feature to the charts shown in spreadsheet workspace (and for that matter, Cards workspace if that workspace is going to stay around).

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