Add Card functionality to Spreadsheet - Changing linked variable source

There’s a nice piece of functionality in the Cards view which I’d be loath to lose when the Cards view is removed, so could it be added to the Spreadsheet view please?
When you click on a linked variable in the Cards view, you get the information about which variable it originates from in a dropdown list, which you can then change. As far as I can tell, this isn’t possible in the Spreadsheet view - you need to recreate an instance of the new linked variable, and change all the variables in the model connected to the old linked variable, to the new one. Being able to change the source variable of the linked variable saves a lot of time, so I’d love to see this feature added to the Spreadsheet. TIA

Hey Raphael! Yes, it is essentially like a smart find+replace :weight_lifting_man: We’ll definitely bring this functionality into the spreadsheet view - perhaps we could integrate it into the inspector?

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