Sort Pop-up Values by Size in Charts

The list of values in the pop up window over a chart is a wonderful feature, except it is an ugly chore to try to figure out which value pertains to which line/bar if you have a lot of Items in your Category. Why not sort the pop-up values by size so the top line is the top value, etc.? This would also solve the issue of inconsistent display formats, which can be confusing when the “k” notation changes back and forth making it hard to tell which items are largest. If sorted by value, the “k”s would be grouped together and obvious.

Hey William - thanks for the feedback. We’re currently rethinking our tables/charts functionality, so will take this into consideration :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Whilst you can sort the chart by values, this doesn’t flow through to an updated order for the values pop-up - which definitely seems like a logical suggestion!

I can see a need for sorting by value, which would make each pop-up annotation line up in sequence with the lines or bars in the chart, or sorting by the set sorting sequence of the Category. A toggle on the chart would be cool to go back and forth.

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