Causal for Customer Support Data

Has anyone utilised models that highlight aspects of Customer Support? Like I’m trying to build a predictive model on how many monthly new tickets can the company expect to determine team size expansion requirements that’s why.

Hi Kartikey,

I have created similar type models whereby the total number of customers drives the amount of people hired in the CS department.

So for this example you can have Monthly New Tickets as an input variable which can grow or change as you like.

Then a separate input variable # Tickets / Employee.

Then if you take the first variable over the second you will have a forecast for how many employees are required to handle your tickets! You can make the inputs more sophisticated to calculate how many Monthly New Tickets there are but this framework should work for you.

Hi Sanjeev, is it total number of customers or total number of customers who have reached out so far?

This methodology calculates the number of employees required to handle the amount of monthly tickets. You could then calculate Monthly New Tickets as a function of Total Customers or Total Customers that have reached out as you prefer.

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