Value should only rise, but not fall

I would like a value to be able to rise, but not fall. What would be the best way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Christopher, could you elaborate please? The simple answer is to use a formula that doesn’t fall, like previous month + 1

But that’s probably not what you mean.

The basis of the thinking is that I have a business with high customer fluctuation and I have to adapt my employees to the highest number of customers in a month. If the number of customers drops significantly in the following month due to the usual fluctuation, I cannot simply reduce the number of employees, the number of employees remains the same. It can only increase over time. (Assuming that the average number of customers remains the same or increases over the year).

Got it. In this case you can use a formula like this:

The max function makes sure that the number of employees doesn’t fall, because it cannot get smaller than the value of the previous month.

You are amazing! It worked perfectly! thank you!