Headcount model with specific start dates

Is it possible (or even a good idea) to do specific start dates for headcount models? With salary proration for the date.

My gut tells me it would be cool to have a more accurate model, but it would only ever be off by up to 1 month salary and would be corrected by actuals at the tail of the month.

Hey @Steve_Bussey ! At the moment monthly models don’t take into consideration specific ‘dates’ within the month, so for example if you have an employee with an end date of Dec 2023, they will be counted for the full month of Dec 2023 (for headcount, payroll etc). Likewise if someone starts in Dec 2023, they’ll be counted for the full month even if they started mid-month.

It is possible to use specific dates though, if you care about it. If you are connected to your HRIS via Causal, you should see a start date ‘day’ data item (and end date ‘day’ data item). The formula would look something like the screenshot below - if you wanted to calculate your Headcount this way.

Though as your gut tells you - we don’t really recommend it unless you have a huge volume of employees and therefore care about the in-month pro-ration accuracy.

Note that the ‘Total Headcount - active during month’ referred to after then in the first line of the if statement just uses our standard headcount formula (If date >= start date and date <= end date or end date = blank then 1 else 0)

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note that the != just means “not equal to”