Indicate "static formulas" as "distribution of values" rather than "formula"

Hi guys!

I really like the little indicators in front of each variable, telling you whether you’re dealing with a series for numbers (#), ranges (Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-08 um 16.29.23) or formulas (𝑓).

However, I often find myself entering static values in the form of static formulas (e.g. I have an annual salary position of 50k and enter 50000/12 rather than 4.166,67).

In such a case, though, it also indicates the line as a formula, while IMHO it really isn’t.

I’d find it much more helpful if the formula indicator (𝑓) was actually reserved for indicating that we’re calculating something relative to any other variable.

Thanks & Regards

Hey Fabian, we already consider formulas that only contain numbers (and no other variables) as constants:

Does this not work for you?

Hey Lorenz,

it works partially, in fact :slight_smile:

so for example (50000/12) to (60000/12) is indicated as a formula while (50000 to 60000)/12 is indicated as a range

So it looks like as long as you can factor out you can rewrite the formulas to appear properly.

However if you have, e.g. (5%/4) to (7%/5) you don’t have common factors anymore that you can pull out of the brackets and will end up with a formula indicator, although it’s actually a static range.