Entering If statements in formulas without spaces

If I am typing an If statement into the formula box, such as “If VariableX>times” the system does not offer up the usual list of possible variables, which would include “TimeStep”. If I put a space after the “>”, the list comes up. It doesn’t seem like I should be required to put a space in to get the list to come up.
Another quirky formula entry problem comes up sometimes if you have a long formula and your cursor is in the middle of the formula when you click “Enter” to finish up. The system will sometimes insert a fragment of a formula where the cursor was before executing the “Enter”, creating an error.
Thanks for working on these little problems. It seems like every day the UI gets cleaner.

Hey @wivers - thanks for the feedback, will pass onto the team!

And great to hear you’re noticing our UI improvements :slight_smile: